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Project Description
In the isolutions WCM Tool you can find some addons for SharePoint-based web content management solutions. An event handler prevents the variation mechanism of SharePoint to overwrite pages from other languages. A stapled feature copies the approval workflow settings to subsite.

The current release contains the following features:
  1. Stop Variation Propagation: Prevent the Variation Propagation mechanism of SharePoint to overwrite the content of the variations when publish content in the root variation.
  2. Approval Workflow Configuration console: Apply the settings of the approval workflow to many sites at one time.
  3. Approval Workflow Copy Receiver: When creating a new subsite, the settings of the approval workflow are taken from the parent site.
  4. View Uncustomized Files: Display uncustomized files in the Master Page Gallery and the Style Library.

#1 and #3 are SharePoint Features, stapled to the Publishing Site Templates.

This tools were developed by isolutions. A Microsoft Gold Partner focused on SharePoint based in Bern, Switzerland. For more information, please visit our website at or my blog at

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